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Monday, February 21, 2011

*show me your pose contest*


lame anis x chit chat kt blog ni.
sekarang time anis lepak2 kt umah.smbil selak2 buku.
mesti semua taw kan nape end of feb anis boleh stay kt malaysia?
*crisis in egypt*

nothing much anis nk merapu kt blog ni.just anis nak tenangkan hati anis yang mmg suke pose depan camera,cuma xde peluang je.
but i know I'm not gorgeous and talent enough to be such a model^^

1.mula2 tgk contest sis izma ni.teruja gile
2.bila tgk time photoshoot die.ooppss...april =(
(dah kena balik mesir)

3.nak sodapkan hati,anis uat je entry ni.ada sape2 menyampah nk bc n kutuk2 belakang.jgn bc k:)

ada sape2 yang berminat,cubalah!
meh anis gtaw cmne nk join contest.

1.Follow these blogs and like this fan page:

2.letak link ni kt entry u.

3. upload 3 pictures of yourself (with the best pose) which are close up, half and full body. 


full body

half body

close up

4. Write something about this blog. (www.evagurl.com)

her name is izma.cmne kami kenal?
since i minat ber'pose',my friend kenalkan izma.
then I add izma kt FB.
yup!I adore of her and according to her blog,she's talented.
*pose yang cantik and ada bakat untuk jadi super model
all da best sis!

5. write a simple statement/essay on 'Why I want to be a model?" in a creative way.

kenapa saya minat untukjadi model?
1.I love photography
2.saya minat ber'pose' depan camera.
3. suka kumpul gambar-gambar.
4.bukan untuk dipuji,tetapi minat bergambar untuk kepuasan.
5.take opportunity for my communication skill,socializing with each other.
6.last but not least,I love to learn new thing as experience for my life.

6.Leave the link of your entry in the comment box below.
7.Promote this contest to others.

sape2 berminat.bolehla cuba.
anis masih lagi xberpeluang.
all da best semua!